Doctoral Researchers

Doctoral Researchers

DR01: Meghana Mekala

DR1: Sustainable polymer-based electromagnetic shields using functional coatings

KU Leuven (Leuven)

DR02: Sadegh Barzegar Klishomi

DR2: Novel in-situ material characterization method applied to carbon-fiber-filled plastic

TU/e (Eindhoven)

DR03: Lirim Koraqi

DR3: Enable in-situ low-frequency testing

KU Leuven (Bruges)

DR04: Subramaniam Saravana Sankar

DR4: Active shielding design for capacitive touch-based control applications

TBU (Zlín)


DR5: Time-domain shielding for on-board power-electronics

UoY (York)


DR6: Integrated Circuit and Printed Circuit Board shielding

KU Leuven (Bruges)

DR07: Miguel Figueirinhas

DR7: Interconnect’s characterization

UTwente (Enschede)

DR08: Furkan Sahin

DR8: Shielding effectiveness of cables

TU/e (Eindhoven)

DR09: Ali Ghaffarlouy Raef

DR9: Statistical metric for enclosures

UoY (York)

DR10: Mehmet Faruk Cengiz

DR10: Trade-off shielding effectiveness solutions for enclosures

UPC (Barcelona) / UTwente (Enschede)

DR11: Hamza Jamil

DR11: Embedded shielding solutions using innovative layer-by-layer approaches

KU Leuven (Leuven)

DR12: Julio César Parra

DR12: Time-Domain electromagnetic shielding measurement methodologies for novel materials

UPC (Barcelona)