Ali Ghaffarlouy Raef

Ali Ghaffarlouy Raef earned his B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering – Telecommunication from the University of Tabriz, Iran, in 2017. His undergraduate project centred on the design of antennas for RFID applications. Subsequently, Ali completed two internships, gaining valuable experience at the Telecommunication Company of Iran and Sahand Engineering Office, focusing on electronic equipment and wireless circuit design.

Furthering his academic journey, Ali pursued a Master’s Degree at the University of Tabriz, with a few months as a Student Research Assistant, in Electrical Engineering – Fields and Waves. His thesis primarily concentrated on the development of dual-band dual-mode feed networks employing Negative-Refractive-Index Transmission Lines. This research culminated in an exceptional academic performance, placing him at the forefront of his class in 2020.

To expand his expertise, Ali undertook the role of a Research Assistant at the EOMC Lab at Reykjavik University, Iceland. There, he directed his efforts toward the advancement of cutting-edge surrogate-based optimization and modelling techniques, with specific applications in microwave/RF and aerospace engineering.

Since September 2023, as a DR9 in Parasol Project, Ali has taken on the position of an Early-Stage Researcher within the Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and Communication Technologies research group in the Department of Electronics Engineering at the University of York. In this role, his primary objective is the development of more accurate shielding metrics, modelling and measurement techniques that will allow the real-world shielding effectiveness of non-reverberant enclosures with contents to be quantified. This will lead to measure the TCS of an enclosure and the ACS of its contents in a statistical sense so that the SE of an enclosure can be statistically quantified.