Ruth Cardinaels

Ruth Cardinaels

With 3D printing we can generate structured and geometrically complex polymer nanocomposites that exhibit excellent shielding performance!

Prof. Dr. ir. Ruth Cardinaels
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Ruth Cardinaels received a master degree in Chemical Engineering in 2005 and a PhD degree in Engineering in 2010, both from KU Leuven in Belgium. After her PhD, she continued to work in the Soft Matter Rheology and Technology group as a postdoctoral research fellow. From April 2013 – September 2013 she was a visiting postdoctoral researcher at the Mechanical Engineering department of Princeton University (USA). In September 2014 she became Assistant Professor in the Mechanical Engineering department at Eindhoven University of Technology. Since October 2020 she is Associate Professor at KU Leuven and part-time Associate Professor at TU Eindhoven.

Her current research interests are based on the idea that formulating multi-phasic materials and engineering their microstructure is essential to integrate various functionalities in the polymer materials of the future. Therefore, her research team studies flow-induced microstructure development, structure-property relations and advanced processing techniques such as 3D printing for polymer-based multi-phasic soft matter. Of particular interest are rheology, electromagnetic shielding, 3D printing and multi-phase flows.

Prof. Ruth Cardinaels is the President of the Belgian Group of Rheology and an Associate Editor for the journal AIP Advances. In 2015 she received the Distinguished Young Rheologist Award and instrument grant from TA Instruments, in 2020 an ERC Starting Grant and in 2022 she was appointed as Mercator Fellow in the Materials for Additive Manufacturing priority programme of the German Research Foundation.