Anne Roc’h

Anne Roc’h

The ongoing revolution in the ElectroMagnetic Compatibility field can be summarized in three words: Risk, Sustainability and Community. Anne Roc’h
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The exchange of ElectroMagnetic noise between electronic products (or with an EM environment) is an unavoidable phenomenon, but it can lead to unwanted effects and disturbances in these products. Solutions exist to control and even attenuate this noise, but these solutions have “in-situ” performances that are difficult to predict and assess. It is challenging to appropriately consider EM noise during a design process: the chosen solutions are often unoptimized in term of cost, weight, or volume. Quite often they are even the result of a cut-and-try process which has required the construction of several prototypes.

The research of dr. ir. Anne Roc’h is at the heart of an on-going revolution in ElectroMagnetic Compatibility: we need sustainable electromagnetic solutions embedded in an EM risk assessment of the product (now mandatory by law). It requires to think in term of scenario of use instead of simply applying a set of rules, while addressing all stakeholders of the circular design of a product (including post-deployment). The methodology for this is not yet fully in place.

Annes research and education interests are about integrating both sustainability and the risk-based approach into the circular design of innovative (safety-critical) products, across their value chain. She develops predictive models and tests for (innovative) screening material and EM Filters. Anne also characterizes the EM propagations in products (ICs, PCBs, mm-wave packages, power systems, cable layouts…) within a community of industrial partners in the Energy Renewable, Mobility and Medical Technology markets. Her goal is to develop new circular design philosophies for products deployed in constantly changing electromagnetic environment, together with her industrial and academic partners. She works on this within the PARASOL project, and other EU and nationally funded projects.

Dr. ir. Anne Roc’h is a Senior Member of the IEEE EMC Society (Board Member for the IEEE EMC Society Benelux, Secretary of the IEEE EMC TC4 on “EMI control”, member of IEEE EMC Education Committee, and Teacher at the IEEE EMC Global University). She is also a Board Member of the Dutch EMC-ESD society and the Coordinator of the MSCA ITN Eternity